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Kevin Ortega



Bay Area native Kevin Ortega wants everyone to have a comfortable lifestyle and experience the opportunities home ownership provides. As a real estate professional, he takes a personalized approach, creating detailed plans that ensure all of his clients achieve their real estate goals. Years of experience help him solve complicated challenges and help maximize home value.

Integrity and honesty are Kevin’s core values. He has a strong moral compass and diligently works in his clients’ best interests while keeping the lines of communication open. He takes the time to educate his buyers and sellers—always making sure they’re informed about important topics.

Real estate can be an overwhelming and confusing process, especially for first-time buyers, but Kevin aims to reduces stress and overwhelm for his clients. He enjoys helping people close on their first home because it’s rewarding. However, he works with a variety of sellers who also appreciate his individualized process.

Outside of real estate, Kevin helps with environmental and research causes via the Cal Academy of Sciences and other groups. In his free time, he restores and races cars. Kevin is also an avid traveler and finds his travels enhance his appreciation for the Bay Area’s unique culture. He loves how exploring new places broadens his knowledge and enhances creative thinking.

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