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Garrett Forbes



Former actor and model turned Realtor®, Garrett Forbes has a natural ability to relate to almost anyone. The gift of easily attuning to people from all walks of life and understanding their needs on deeply human levels afforded Garrett substantial success in the entertainment industry. Taking his skills and high level of empathy into real estate, Garrett has been able to repurpose that gift into a career that’s aimed at giving back. His focus has always been to help others express themselves and find their niche. And nothing’s more niche than home.

Offering clients a professional approach infused with creative energy, Garrett prides himself on providing an industry-forward, client-centered service that’s grounded in his commitment to hard work and ethical business. Inspired by the opportunity to help people from all walks of life, Garrett believes that every individual deserves a place to call theirs. He’s honored to work in a field that enables him to assist a diverse array of individuals in finding their way home.

This passion spills over into other areas of his life: Garrett has maintained active involvement in a spectrum of charity organizations, including The American Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Veterans Home of California, Salvation Army Napa, Uganda Well Project, and LGBTQ Connection. Garrett believes that bettering the world is as much an honor as it is a duty, and he’s humbled to do that every day, one client at a time. Everyone deserves to feel safe. Everyone deserves to go home.

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